Diabetic Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

Michael Jackson ZombieWelcome to my diabetic zombie apocalypse survival guide!  There are many zombie apocalypse survival guides out there, but not very many that deal with the special needs of an insulin dependant diabetic. This article will review some of the special things you’ll need to think about in prepping for a zombie apocalypse, or any sort of doomsday scenario as a diabetic.  There are so many other things to consider in doomsday and zombie prep, but this article will only touch on the needs of a diabetic.

The first thing I’d like to say is that your survival as a diabetic in a zombie or doomsday scenario is dependent on many things, but first and foremost, you should be prepared for the idea that your chances of survival are slim compared to a non-diabetic. You can however, improve your chances of survival by prepping properly.  Much of your survival will depend on exactly what kind of doomsday or zombie apocalypse we are struck by.

Many people will say they’re going to grab all the guns and ammo they can carry, and go break into the local pharmacy to steal all the insulin, then they’ll go to the grocery store to steal all the food they can, stock up their truck, and drive to the local police department to break in and hold up there.  Really?  *shakes head*  I’m going to try to be more realistic, and provide some things to think about for the average person that doesn’t think they’re Rambo.

If you’re at home when said apocalypse occurs, then you’ll be much better off, because you’ll have your stored supplies available to you. If you’re not at home, try to get home of course.  Some of the things to think about for your diabetes survival, is to have a large supply of batteries for your diabetic devices. If you have rechargable devices, you should have backups that are battery operated. You may not have power to charge your diabetic devices, such as in the blackout of over 50 million people in the northeastern United States of 2003.

Baron SamediYou’ll also of course need a store of insulin and test strips.  Insulin is not easy to stock up on, because it has an expiration date, and most pumpers require insulin that needs a prescription.  However, Regular insulin DOES NOT require a prescription in most states, so you could stock up on that, for survivals sake.  It’ll make your control a little challenging at first, but will keep you alive for a while.  Also, when you’re pump supplies run out, you’ll need a store of syringes.  Syringes you can get without a prescription in small quantities in most states, but boxes of 100 often do require prescription.  Ask your local pharmacy.  If you’re a CGM user, and you have the ability to keep a store of those supplies, awesome, but as we all know, these aren’t easily found at the local pharmacy, so you’ll need to revert back to finger sticks.  So you’ll also need a store of test strips, but remember that test strips also have expiration dates.  When you run out of test strips what do you do?!  Well, watch the color of your pee.  When your pee is dark or brown in color, it means your kidneys are filtering out glucose, which means your blood sugar is high.  Hard to dose insulin based on that, but it might keep you out of DKA?  Most of us already have a supply of lancets that will last us a lifetime, so no need to get all worried there.  (Since none of us changes our lancets for weeks or months at a time.)

Another thing most people probably don’t think about, is water.  If you become dehydrated in the apocalypse, you’ll develop insulin resistance, making your blood sugar control difficult.  In an apocalypse, the water supply may become infected, or tainted, so you’ll want to get your water from rain, lakes, streams, rivers, or other natural means.  Regardless of whether you get your water from a faucet or a natural source, you’ll need a store of water purification tablets, and a canteen or water jug.  If you’re in the wild, water is heavy, so you can’t carry a lot at once.  That canteen will literally be as important as your insulin.

Night of the CometYour diet will suddenly change if said apocalypse or doomsday occurs too.  If you have foodstores of non-perishables, that’s great.  You should choose foods low in carbs of course, and try to have foods higher in protein in your store, although that’s not easy with non-perishables.  Now if you don’t have a supply of non-perishable food, you’ll need to know how to hunt, forage, or both.  You’ll want some sort of wilderness survival guide, or a basic Boy Scout Handbook.  If you don’t own a bow or a gun for hunting, just having a frog spear in your survival stash will help.  You attach it to a broom stick and you have a hunting spear.  You’ll want a number of good knives of varying sizes to fashion hunting tools from, to clean the animals you hunt, and a multitude of other things.  If you’re against eating animals, then you’ll need to know how to forage, and know what wild foods are ok, and which are poisonous, not to mention how many carbs are in wild foods.  Hunted animals as food is of course lower in carbs than foraged food, making your blood sugar control easier.

I hope this gives you some ideas that you hadn’t thought of before so when the inevitable zombie outbreak occurs, you’ll be able to survive for a little longer.  If you like this article, please retweet and share it with your friends!  For my article on diabetic vampires, click here:  Diabetic Vampires.


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