Are You A Diabetic Cyborg?

7 of 9There are a lot of us in the diabetic online community (#doc) that refer to ourselves as “cyborg pumpers”, or “diabetic cyborgs”.  We all know what we’re referring to, but for those who don’t, I’ll try to explain.  You see, I have a Medtronic 523 insulin pump.  I also have a Medtronic Guardian continuous glucose monitor (#cgm) that communicates wirelessly to my pump.  These are attached to me 24/7.  Plus, my One Touch blood glucose meter communicates wirelessly to my pump as well.  Then finally, my pump communicates wirelessly to my computer, which sends my pump data digitally over the internet, to the servers at Medtronic for analysis.  Kinda like we’re connected to the diabetic collective.  Pretty cool eh?   Yeah, so we’re the online cyborg diabetic tribe.  We are immortal, and we are not alone.

Anyway, in an effort to lighten up my blog posts with less sciencey stuff, I thought I’d write a fun post about what famous cyborg best represents ME.  Do you wanna play too?  Good!  I’m going to post a list of questions, and ask you to comment on this post with your own answers, if you’re a diabetic cyborg like me.  So here is a list of some famous cyborgs from Hollywood.

  • Seven of 9 – Star Trek Voyager
  • Locutis of Borg – Star Trek the Next Generation
  • Darth Vader – Star Wars (From Episodes 4-6)
  • Terminator – Terminator
  • Major Kusanagi – Ghost in the Shell
  • Cable – The Marvel Universe
  • Steve Austin – The 6 Million Dollar Man
  • Jaime Sommers – The Bionic Woman
  • Robocop – The Robocop Movie Series

So this is just a short list of famous Hollywood cyborgs.  There are both male and female cyborgs listed here, so that everyone can play.  You’ll notice I did not include cyclons.  I disqualify them as cyborgs because the REAL cylons were machines, with no organic component.  I also didn’t include Daleks because they are extraterrestrial.  If you have a favorite cyborg that I didn’t list here, by all means play along.    Now for the questions.

  1. Which Hollywood cyborg best represents you?
  2. Why does he/she best represent you?
  3. What is your favorite attribute of this cyborg?
  4. If this cyborg appeared in your dream, what would you say to them?
  5. If you met the actor who portrayed this cyborg, what would you ask them?
  6. What pump, cgm, and meter do you use?

Now for my answers:

  1. Steve Austin, the bionic man, bests represents me.
  2. The Bionic Man was the first cyborg I ever knew.  Every young boy wanted to be Steve Austin in the 70’s.  To this day the intro music to the Six Million Dollar Man instills excitement, wonder, and hope.  In the 70’s this made us believe it could come true, that we really can build a man stronger, better, faster than he was before.  We’re in the next century now, and as a diabetic, I’m slowing becoming the Six Million Dollar man.  My childhood dream is coming true!
  3. My favorite attribute of Steve Austin was his bionic eyesight.
  4. If he appeared in my dream, I’d probably ask him if he ever used his eyesight to look at the stars or the moon.
  5. If I ever meet Lee Majors, I’ll ask him which of his super powers was his favorite on the show.
  6. I use the Medtronic Minimed 523 pump, the Medtronic Guardian CGM, and OneTouch Ultra glucose meter . . . and a Carelink USB Bluetooth dongle.  

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