Youth Speaks – The Bigger Picture

youth-speaks-bigger-picture-spoken-wordYouth Speaks is the name of a San Francisco Bay Area non-profit and spoken word youth organization. I love spoken word artists, and sub to some of them on YouTube, which is how I found Youth Speaks a long time ago. One of the their projects is called “The Bigger Picture”, and it’s all about type 2 diabetes. They have some FREAKING AMAZING spoken word artists that have done type 2 diabetes videos on their YouTube channel. Their videos are professionally produced, and it’s a great channel to get lost in for a few hours. Here are my favorite videos from Youth Speaks and The Bigger Picture.  I invite you to follow the links below to learn more about them and work they do.  For an in depth account of Youth Speaks, visit Diabetes Mine.


No Excuses!

no-excusesDo you have a gym membership?  Did you start a new years resolution to get fit and lose weight?  Have you been going to the gym every day like you know you should?  Do you know what kind of exercises work best?  Do you know how much cardio and how much weight training you need?  Do you have a personal trainer that guarantees results?

Right now there’s a winter storm warning for my area.  Nearly every day this winter there’s been some sort of weather advisory here in Iowa.  I don’t know about you, but when there’s -40 wind chills and a blizzard outside, I don’t want to leave my house.  Most people aren’t getting their workouts in, but I am.  That’s because I do Beachbody workouts at home.

I used to be a gym guy.  I loved working out at the gym, but those workouts took over an hour, with eliptical time plus weight training, plus changing clothes, plus shower time.  It was at least an hour and a half every workout.  PLUS, if I was out of town on business, or the weather prevented me from getting to the gym, or the gym was closed, or I just wasn’t in the mood to work around all the pretty boys trying to pick up women at the gym, I didn’t get the workout in.  With Beachbody programs, I take 5 steps into my spare room, and I do my 30 minute workout.  Even when there’s a blizzard outside.  Even when it’s 1AM.  Even when I’m traveling out of town. Plus, no one gets in my way, and I don’t have to wait for machines.  With Beachbody workouts, there are no excuses.  It’s quick, it’s fun because the trainers crack you up, you workout in the privacy of your own home, and you get a personal trainer telling you exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, with guaranteed results.  Plus they offer great nutritional info and products, and a proven support arm called Team Beachbody.  This formula simply produces results.  It just does.

How many years have you been paying that gym membership without seeing results?  Stop throwing your money away.  Beachbody’s track record stands on it’s own.  You’ve seen the commercials, you’ve seen the before and after pictures.  I know you’d like to get the results you see on TV.  You can.  All you have to do is DECIDE, and then take action and buy your workout.  Buy it from me, and I become your FREE COACH.  What are your goals?  I am a type 1 diabetic Team Beachbody Coach, and I will help you get the results you desire .  I will provide accountability for you, I will connect you with support teams, I will get you to that picture you see of yourself when you close your eyes.  So what are you waiting for?  No excuses!  Get your Beachbody workout program today!



Join Team Beachbody for FREE

Yes, you’re responsible for the obesity epidemic . . .

Yes, you heard me.  It’s not the fault of the government, or the advertisers, or the farmers, it’s you.  Every time you make the choice to buy fast food, or one of those food products that you KNOW is bad for your body, and bad for your health, you are responsible for the obesity epidemic.  It’s your food choices, that fuel the government to keep subsidising GMO farmers, that keep advertisers finding new ways to hook you with their products, and keep the farmers trying to find those subsidies.  Every time you purchase foods from McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendys, or Oreos, ice cream, soda products, juice boxes, and more, you are enabling the obesity epidemic.  You know what’s good for you.  Just choose it!

We have the responsibility as consumers, to let our government, our advertisers, and our farmers, know that we choose to live healthy, and that we prefer to spend our $$$ on whole foods, fruits and vegetables, grass fed or open pastured animal products.  That we want to live vibrant healthy lives, instead of the lives the majority of us are living right now.  With lifestyle diseases that are completely reversible like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and so many more.  We let them know this with what we spend our $$$ on.  Yes, it’s more expensive in the grocery store to buy healthy whole foods instead of frozen, prepackaged foods, snack foods, juice boxes, cola, etc.  Do know how much it costs for 10 years of diabetes treatments, or for bypass surgery?  A LOT MORE!  My bill after bypass surgery 10 years ago was $120,000!  Spend now, to save later.  Besides that, spending money on healthy foods makes your life more enjoyable because you feel good, instead of being cheap and living sick, and then having to spend all that money on treatment, and still not feel good.

Everyone wants to be healthy, but some people just don’t have the motivation.  How do you find that motivation?  You have to find your why.  The reason that you want to be around as long as you can.  Is your why your kids?  Do you want to be here for their high school graduation?  For college?  For their marriage?  To see your grandkids?  Do you want to fullfil a lifelong dream of running a marathon or a cross country bikeride?  When you discover your why, it makes those choices easier.  Everybody knows what their why is, but some people are afraid to think about it.  I encourage you to think about it.  Then admit it to someone, so they can help you stay on track, by reminding you of your why when you jump off the wagon.

So the next time you pull into the drive through, or you’re at the grocery store, and you reach for that bag at the window, or those packaged foods that you darnwell know are bad for you, you’re going to pause, and remember this blog.  You’re going to think of your why.  You’re going to wonder if you’re spending $$$ is really contributing to the obesity epidemic.  Then you’re going to look at yourself.  Then you’re going to put it down, and walk over to the produce isle and pick a food you’ve never tried before.  You’re doing to do this every trip to the store like I do, and you’re going to start to lose weight and feel good about your body and your choices.  Then you’re going to share your experiences with others, until you can inspire someone.  We can cure this epidemic, even it’s only 1 person at at time.  Be that person today.  Make the choice.  Be healthy.


“True health reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington.”


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