Youth Speaks – The Bigger Picture

youth-speaks-bigger-picture-spoken-wordYouth Speaks is the name of a San Francisco Bay Area non-profit and spoken word youth organization. I love spoken word artists, and sub to some of them on YouTube, which is how I found Youth Speaks a long time ago. One of the their projects is called “The Bigger Picture”, and it’s all about type 2 diabetes. They have some FREAKING AMAZING spoken word artists that have done type 2 diabetes videos on their YouTube channel. Their videos are professionally produced, and it’s a great channel to get lost in for a few hours. Here are my favorite videos from Youth Speaks and The Bigger Picture.  I invite you to follow the links below to learn more about them and work they do.  For an in depth account of Youth Speaks, visit Diabetes Mine.


One thought on “Youth Speaks – The Bigger Picture

  1. We did a post over on them at DiabetesMine back in March (here: for blog post), and I was really struck by the real way they’re talking to people. I think in order to raise awareness in some of these inner city places, this is exactly what we need. And the societal and cultural dynamic to all of this is so huge, and something we all need to be talking more about. Thanks for writing about this, Rich.

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